Whimsical Hairdos for Children: Unleash Your Creativity



Children have a natural inclination for imagination and play, and what better way to embrace their creativity than through whimsical and fun hairstyles? In this article, we’ll explore a variety of whimsical hairdos that can make your child’s day a little more magical. These styles are easy to achieve and will leave your little one brimming with excitement.

1. Rainbow Braid: A Splash of Color

  • Materials Needed: Hair elastics, temporary hair dye in rainbow colors.
  • How to Create: Braid your child’s hair into a single braid. Use temporary hair dye to color sections of the braid in rainbow hues.
  • Why Kids Love It: The vibrant colors add an element of fun, and it’s perfect for themed parties or just brightening an ordinary day.

2. Princess Crown Updo: Regal and Playful

  • Materials Needed: Hair elastics, bobby pins, optional crown or tiara.
  • How to Create: Pull two sections of hair from the sides and secure them at the back with a hair elastic. Twist each section and wrap it around the head to create a “crown” effect. Secure with bobby pins.
  • Why Kids Love It: They get to be a princess for the day with a hairstyle fit for royalty.

3. Mermaid Waves: Under-the-Sea Magic

  • Materials Needed: Hair curler or braid the hair overnight, sea-inspired hair accessories.
  • How to Create: Create loose waves by using a hair curler or braiding the hair before bedtime. Add seashell or starfish hairpins for a touch of the ocean.
  • Why Kids Love It: It’s like being a mermaid exploring the depths of the sea.

4. Crazy Bun Pigtails: Playful and Unique

  • Materials Needed: Hair elastics, colorful scrunchies or hair ties.
  • How to Create: Make two high ponytails on each side of your child’s head. Twist and secure each ponytail to create a fun, messy bun. Add colorful scrunchies for an extra pop.
  • Why Kids Love It: The playful buns add a dose of silliness to their day.

5. Dinosaur Spikes: Roar-some Fun

  • Materials Needed: Hair gel, small dinosaur figurines, bobby pins.
  • How to Create: Spike up sections of hair using hair gel. Secure small dinosaur figurines with bobby pins.
  • Why Kids Love It: They get to channel their inner dinosaur and embark on prehistoric adventures.

6. Twisted Unicorn: Whimsy with a Twist

  • Materials Needed: Colorful hair extensions, hair elastics.
  • How to Create: Part the hair in the center, twist two sections around each other, and secure with hair elastics. Attach colorful hair extensions for that unicorn touch.
  • Why Kids Love It: Unicorns are all the rage, and this hairstyle allows them to become a unicorn for a day.


These whimsical hairdos are not only a source of fun and laughter but also a wonderful way to encourage your child’s creativity. So, don’t be afraid to embrace the magic and make every day a little more enchanting for your little one. Try out these styles and let your child’s imagination run wild!

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