Super Beautiful and Adorable Silly Hairstyles for Little Girls



Little girls often have an innate love for creativity and playfulness, and what better way to embrace their spirit than through fun and silly hairstyles? These hairstyles not only make your little one look adorable but also allow them to express themselves in unique and imaginative ways. In this article, we’ll explore some super beautiful and utterly cute silly hairstyles for little girls that are perfect for various occasions or just daily fun.

1. The Crazy Pigtails:

Create wild and wacky pigtails by securing colorful, mismatched hair ties along the length of each pigtail. Let your little one choose the colors for an extra dose of fun.

2. The Unicorn Braid:

Transform your child’s hair into a whimsical unicorn horn by creating a high ponytail and then braiding it into a spiral. Add a colorful ribbon or two to complete the magical look.

3. The Bubble Ponytail:

Make your little one’s ponytail pop by adding multiple mini-ponytails down its length, secured with colorful elastics. These “bubbles” create a playful and cheerful style.

4. The Flower Crown:

Adorn your child’s head with a crown of small, colorful artificial flowers. You can secure these flowers in a headband or directly into the hair for a fairy-tale-inspired look.

5. The Crazy Hair Day:

Embrace the spirit of “Crazy Hair Day” by using colorful hair chalk, temporary hair spray, or even washable markers to create vibrant and silly designs on your child’s hair.

6. The Princess Leia Buns:

Inspired by the iconic Star Wars character, create two side buns by twisting and securing sections of your child’s hair on either side of her head. Add a touch of glitter or small star-shaped clips for added flair.

7. The Mermaid Braid:

Transform your little one into a beautiful mermaid with a cascading mermaid braid. Add some seashell or starfish hair accessories for an enchanting under-the-sea look.

8. The Crazy Curl Explosion:

If your child has naturally curly hair, enhance those curls and let them take center stage. Add some temporary hair color or glitter for extra sparkle.

9. The Animal Ears:

Create animal-inspired hairstyles by crafting ears out of your child’s hair. Buns can become bear ears, pigtails can transform into bunny ears, and braids can be made into cat ears.

10. The Rainbow Ponytail:

Brighten up your little one’s day with a rainbow-colored ponytail. Use temporary hair dyes or colored hair extensions to achieve this vibrant look.


Silly hairstyles for little girls offer a fantastic opportunity for bonding and creativity. These playful and adorable hairstyles not only make your child stand out but also encourage their imagination to run wild. Whether it’s for a special occasion or just a typical day of fun, these hairstyles will bring smiles and laughter to your child’s world, making memories that will last a lifetime. So, grab the hair accessories and let your creativity flow while styling your little one’s hair into super beautiful and adorable silly hairstyles!

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